CCA Alumni

Meet Our Alumni


Katrina Mamaty

2015 CCA Graduate   

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS)

  • Bachelors of Pre-Medical and Health Sciences (May 2018)
  • Masters of Physician Assistant (May 2021)   

I graduated from CCA in 2015. After CCA, I attended college at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) in Boston and in May 2019 graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors in Pre-Medical and Health Sciences. I am currently in my second year of graduate school at MCPHS University Boston and am on schedule to graduate with my Masters in Physician Assistant studies in 2021.

In addition to college, I am a trained EMT and worked for Brewster Ambulance service for two years and have also been a tutor at MCPHS University in Organic Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology.  I have also worked many other jobs while in school, from giving hand massages to patients at Dana Farber to working in a restaurant kitchen!  Calvary Chapel in the city is the church I regularly attend, and I have been living in Fenway for the past four years.

While CCA prepared me academically for my college career, it also prepared me for the world. Not only did CCA provide an environment for my faith in God to grow, but it prepared me to defend my faith in Christ when I graduated the school, especially through the teachings of Mr. Brad Roaf and Pastor Scott Mitchell. I would not be who I am and where I am without CCA and the experiences I had during the time I spent here.

Ben TT copy

Ben Dowd

2018 CCA Graduate   

Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia  

  • Bachelors of Science, Nursing (May 2022)

I graduated from CCA in 2018.   Upon completing my college courses, I will graduate with a Bachelors of Science, Nursing. My classes at Liberty have included Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Medical Terminology, Religion, and English. Interestingly, I was able to challenge my English class by taking the CLEP (College Level Exam Program) test. By passing this exam, I was able to receive college-level credit for an English class without having to take the course. I owe much of this success to my years in Mrs. Hanley’s English class at CCA! She prepared me for college.

In addition to loading up on a great deal of science courses, I made the indoor men’s volleyball team at Liberty. I had not planned to tryout, but God had placed seven of the team’s freshman recruits within my dormitory. They  encouraged me to to tryout. We are a varsity level team and play tournaments throughout the year.

I can see God’s hand in my life at Liberty. From the team members and my professors to the bible study of thirty college students where I am able to be lead the worship music, God has been guiding my transition to college. I miss my CCA family and appreciate how well I was prepared for college.


Christopher Landry

2018 CCA Graduate

Gordon College, Wenham, MA

  • English Literature and Communications Arts

I graduated second in my class from CCA in 2018 and am currently attending Gordon College in Wenham, MA, double majoring in English Literature and Communications Arts as well as a B.S. in Biology with a pre-med concentration. I’m beginning my graduate coursework in the Fall of 2022 and will complete my Masters in Public Health in May 2024.  From here I’ll be pursuing medical school.  From Gordon College I received both The Founder’s Scholarship and the AJ Gordon Honors Program Scholarship, two significant scholarships. In addition to my studies, I work at Gordon’s Office of Academic Advising as an academic peer advisor, a competitive and highly sought-after position awarded to only two students at a time. I am an Admissions Tour Guide for the college and a peer mentor for the Honors Students first-year writing course. I also am blessed in the role of Teacher’s Assistant for “Historical Perspectives,” the core history class Gordon students must complete as well as general biology, microbiology, leadership, writing and literature.  God also blessed me with a wonderful wife who I met at Gordon!

While attending CCA, I was Student Government President in both my Junior and Senior year. I also competed in the 2017 MA State Science and Engineering Fair and received a scholarship from Framingham State University. I was awarded 2nd Place in the 2017 South Shore Regional Science Fair and 2nd Place in the 2016 South Shore Regional Science Fair where I was awarded the Massachusetts Medical Society Award. I was captain of CCA’s winning dodgeball team 3 years in a row, an achievement I am most proud of! I was a team player on CCA’s soccer team my Senior year playing the position of goalie a few times, which I truly enjoyed!

CCA prepared me for college life in a few ways. In terms of academic workload and rigor, Calvary prepared me with good study habits and a solid foundation, which I was able to build upon at Gordon. The close-knit and caring nature of the school helped me build close relationships with friends who I love and wouldn’t have known outside of Calvary. The most important lesson I learned in my walk at CCA was that God is relational. He sent His son to die, not just because He loves us, but also so that we could have fellowship and community with Him. This understanding of God’s care and love for us drives me to spend time with Him daily in prayer and through Scripture.

Many of the teachers at Calvary helped prepare me for college life. Mrs. Hanley and Mrs. Doolan drilled excellent study habits, and Pastor Scott Mitchell gave me a strong theological foundation. Mr. Roaf has always been a mentor in my life and helped me grow in my walk tremendously.

I’ve volunteered 200+ hours in the Intensive Care Unit of South Shore Hospital in Weymouth. I also taught two years of Sunday school at Calvary Chapel of Boston. In my spare time I enjoy music, art, chess and cooking.

Cameron Sardano

2016 CCA Graduate

Word of Life Bible Institute

Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH

  • Biblical-Theological Education and Ministry
  • Master of Divinity Degree

I started attending CCA in 2013 in my sophomore year and graduated in 2016. After graduating CCA, I attended Word of Life Bible Institute where I completed a two-year accredited program in biblical-theological education and ministry engagement. I then transferred to Cedarville University, where I am currently a senior in the Biblical studies program and plan to attend the Cedarville University Graduate School, where I will start work on a two-year Master of Divinity degree. My plan after graduation is to serve in full-time vocational ministry to make disciples and spread the gospel.

CCA played a crucial role in my preparation for college. Firstly, my studies at CCA helped me view, understand and evaluate issues and subjects from a Christian worldview allowing God to use my time at CCA to strengthen and ground my faith. Furthermore, my Bible classes at CCA taught me many valuable lessons from God’s word and showed me the value of studying the Scriptures. My teachers became godly influences to me, and their passion for Christ, in particular, served as a model-worthy example for me to follow. Lastly, my fellow classmates at CCA and the deep friendships I made were, and some continue to be, an integral way that God has grown me and showed me the beauty of good, loving and godly friendships. Academically, I was very well prepared for the rigorous academics I encountered in my higher education.

I am deeply grateful for my time at CCA and the countless sacrifices that were made by the staff’s investment in me, fellow students and their walk alongside me, and my family’s support in me and making it possible for me to attend CCA. God has truly used their investments in amazing ways in my life.

Our high school and college years have an immense impact on who we become. CCA helped me understand how essential it is to invest my life in what matters most, my relationship with Christ. My hope is that sharing my experiences serves to help you in your decision for primary education for your child. More importantly, I pray this helps you see that the way to live your life is with Christ and for Christ.