2019-2020 Tuition and Discount Program Information


Pre-K M/W/F$5300
Pre-K 5 days$6400
Kindergarten M/W/F$5800
Kindergarten – 5th grade$6800
6th through 8 th grade$7500
9th through 12th grade$8300

Pre-Kindergarten are those children that are 4 years old by September 30th and are toilet trained. Tuition payments are based on a 10-month payment program beginning each July and are due on the first of the month.

Tuition Discount Options

Early Tuition Payment Discount: Those who desire to make their tuition payment(s) in full by August 1st will receive a 5% discount on their entire tuition (book and application fee not included).

Family Discount: In order to make our tuition more affordable to large families, we offer a family discount:

  • Oldest 2 children: Full tuition
  • 3rd Child: 20% discount
  • 4th Child: FREE

Calvary Chapel of Boston Church Attendees: See the CCA Student Handbook for further information.

CCA Referral Discount: Parents, with students who attend CCA, that refer students to CCA from outside of Calvary Chapel of Boston (non-attendees) will receive a $1,000 discount towards their student’s tuition each year the referred student attends CCA.

Annual CCA Golf Tournament Fundraiser: Parents, with students who attend CCA, that raise money for the annual school golf tournament will have the amount raised in excess of $500 deducted from their child’s tuition.